The Catamaran has been around for many years now, however, in Italy, it is still considered a novelty and is very much underrated for the enjoyment and pleasure it can offer and as yet has to be fully discovered. Precisely for this reason, after many years, we have decided to abandon working with sail and motorboats and instead concentrate our expertise and knowledge on the Catamaran so that we can show you how much fun sailing on a Catamaran can be as we reckon that it needs to be tried to be believed and we want to offer our clients a holiday with a difference!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a first time sailor or have many years experience, the Catamaran offers new and unforgettable sensations and we would like to share this experience with our friends, family and valued customers.

The sensation of being out at sea without the well-known motion and sideways keel of a sailboat that can bring about seasickness, means that many more people will be able to fully appreciate a holiday at sea without feeling ill!

One of our Catamaran’s best features is the amount of privacy and spaciousness on offer. Each cabin has an on-suite private bathroom; the generous living quarters mean that you will not be cramped as there is more than enough room for everyone so that all our passengers can take full advantage of all the facilities and freedom on board. There are also comfortable areas to sit and enjoy the sun, to sunbathe while relaxing and listening to your favourite music, or even diving into the sea from the stern.

Once you have tasted the many facilities a catamaran has to offer its passengers: sunbathing on the trampolines (the net that connects one hull to the other) while out at sea with only the rush of the water beneath you for company, or comfortably sitting in the cockpit drinking a cool aperitif or even relaxing on the sofas in the deck-cabin looking out at a 360 degree panorama, we believe that you will never think of a holiday at sea that does not involve the catamaran!

The children
We realise that if you have small children you may be worried about their safety, however, we would like to assure all our clients that on board the Catamaran, every safety regulation is taken into consideration and we have life jackets even for small toddlers so that they are able to move around freely and join in all the activities so that they do not get bored and enjoy the holiday too.

Your safety 
The Catamaran is equipped with the latest technology available on the market and you can be assured that nothing has been overlooked and all the instruments on board have been fully tested and regularly maintained and updated. As we will be taking you out to sea, we firmly believe it is better to be safe and to make sure that we have every means available to ensure your safety and therefore we have installed no expense spared equipment. We also have an electrical generator that gives us the possibility of going beyond the normal expectations of a holiday at sea especially as the CAT is completely autonomous for long periods of time.

The crew 
Due to the size and speciality, we only charter the Catamaran with our own skippers. Our skippers all possess maritime licences and have undergone hours of training to meet our very high standards. We would like to inform you that the skipper’s living quarters are separate from our guests. Our routes are well known by our skipper as on many occasions they have sailed through them. We can assure you that they know all the most secret coves and the most scenic and characteristic ports, not to mention the most beautiful places that are unreachable by most ships or boats. They are expert swimmers with all the necessary life saving certificates and have been deep-sea diving for over 20 years. We are sure that their knowledge and expertise will only enhance your holiday. For your comfort and total relaxation, we can also offer cabin crew that will take care of the shopping, the cooking and even clean and make the beds every morning – you will find your cabin in perfect order!

As well as the obvious swimming, we can also offer other sporting activities, i.e. the use of our canoe and windsurfs (stored on board). If you like fishing, you can fish for tuna, swordfish or any of the local fish when we are either at sea or at anchor. At the same time, for a small extra fee, you can also partake in water skiing and for those who are already experienced, there is the possibility to do deep sea diving. If the conditions are agreeable, the skipper will also be happy to give short courses in sailing so that you can learn the basics of how to sail a catamaran. They may also share some well-kept secrets and handy tips!

If you are an expert deep-sea diver (proof of certificate will be requested) it is possible to carry out some spectacular immersions during the various stops during your holiday. The skipper will be able to give you all the necessary information.

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